Hi, I’m Brian

I'm a dad, husband, graphic designer, breakfast maker, dog walker, nature lover, car nut and ice cream addict (mint chocolate chip please!).

I’m also a photographer who loves capturing the antics of kids and the love of families.

I want you to have photographs that show the spontaneity and character of your children, and the unspoken bond of your family. I want you to remember how your newborn's head could easily be cupped in the palm of your hand or how your toddler liked to put her sticky fingers on your face while giving you the most authentic kisses of your life. I want you to remember your family, right now in this moment. Because tomorrow, you'll all be different.

I think messiness is beautiful and life's unfiltered details are the ones we'll cherish the most.

I live in Burlington, Ont., with my wife, son, overzealous golden retriever and bossy tuxedo cat. A few more things about me:

•  I'm a diy junkie.
•  I'll take a forest trail over a paved path any day.
•  I love to drive with my windows down and music up.

I can't wait to meet you!